Eukaryotic Genetics

Stem-Cell Biology, Epigenetics, Cancer Research

Research Interests

A gene regulatory network of lineage-specific transcription factors and microRNAs regulates the differentiation of stem cells into functional cell types. During this process, cell type-specific gene expression programmes are established and epigenetically determined in the long term. Alterations in central transcription factors, epigenetic regulators and signalling molecules are the main causes of cancer, metabolic diseases and ageing processes.

In the Department of Eukaryotic Genetics, we are investigating the basic molecular mechanisms of how stem cells differentiate. We want to understand how cell type-specific gene expression patterns arise and are maintained. 
Through our research, we are uncovering molecular targets that may represent starting points for the therapy of leukaemias and other cancers. Based on the results in basic research, we develop new tools for targeted therapies and regenerative medicine.

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